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Voted Best Coffee Shop In Southern Utah

We’ve been serving handcrafted, specialty coffee since 2003. Our goal is to continually pursue the best quality coffees and products available, and our community’s voting proves the value of our approach! 2019 marked a huge step for our shops, as we transitioned to roasting 100% of our coffees in house. Careful sourcing of our beans for quality and impact on the communities that grow them has been something we’ve all been very excited about.

Giving to the Community!

At perks, we believe in giving responsibly, and also only buy coffee that have a positive impact on families and growers. Futhermore, we stand by our decision to purchase certifiably sustainable coffees. Only purchasing fair-trade and we support grower community’s education initiatives.
We want you to know that we only focus on what matters to our ethos, specifically purchasing coffees that are Women-Produced, or by purchasing Rainforest Alliance, Organic and Bird Friendly certified coffees. Also, we always source with intent, because, we want you to feel confident and proud of your choice to be our guest, and to know that your coffee isn’t only good for you, it’s good for everyone!

“independent coffee for independent thinkers”

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Come join the community and what we are doing next! Also, contact us with any questions, or visit any of our six locations around Southern Utah!

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