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Women Produced, Fair Trade, Organic
Initially formed from several independent women’s associations, Rwanda’s Sholi
Cooperative is
founded on female empowerment.⁠

“I decided to start up the cooperative to help women in this area” explains President
“because for many years, we practically lived in isolation. Our husbands controlled the
finances, and it was even frowned upon for us to leave the house. It took many years
and a lot of hard work and effort, but it was worth it, because now we understand the
market for our coffee, and we have more freedom--financially and socially.” Now, nearly
half (157) of Sholi’s 386 members are women, including two of the five board members.⁠
For natural process coffees, Sholi selects and identifies the highest-quality cherries that
arrive at the central washing station. The cherries are sorted again, floated, and moved
to the drying tables. After three or four days, they cover the dried cherries for 24-30
hours to develop the flavor. The cherries are monitored and continue to dry up to 30-35
days depending on the weather.
The Cooperative received its Fairtrade certification in 2015 and Rainforest Alliance
certification in 2016, and Organic certification in 2020. Using Fairtrade funds, members
have started an apiary project as well as distributed cows to members.
Score: 87
Notes: Berries, baking spice, vanilla, orange blossom. Juicy-sweet with a satiny body.

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