Sumatra, Mandheling


Sumatra, Mandheling

In the mid-18th Century, the Dutch East India Company brought Arabica coffee plants to the archipelago. The Dutch started by planting coffee around Batavia (Jakarta), and farther South, near Sukabumi and Bogor. Over time, coffee plantations spread to Sumatra.

While some coffees are fully washed, the vast majority of Sumatra arabica is wet hulled. This process involves pulping the coffee and letting it dry down to around 35% moisture, and then hulling it while it is very soft and wet. (Hence the prevalence of so many split and flattened beans.) After this, the coffee is dried on patios over the period of several days.

Arabica coffee production is focused in the highlands of Northern Sumatra. The most well-known “region” of Sumatra is Mandheling, which is actually a trade name originally based on the Mandailing tribe, which grows coffee in the Tapanuli area. More specific growing regions are Aceh (North Central Sumatra) and Lintong (near lake Toba). Indonesia is the fifth-largest coffee producing county in the world and Sumatra is a very significant percentage of the nation’s production. With its unique sweet syrupy body, low acid, earthy flavor, it stands out from the crowd.



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