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Our process at the roastery:

As the seasons change and new crops come in, we pursue roastery flavors that we enjoy, to share with you. We start by selecting only Specialty Grade Arabica coffees. From there, we take it as our responsibility to ensure we are purchasing ethically by buying only from transparent, sustainable sources and choosing organics whenever we can. We at Perks! always strive to do the most good. Whether we create impact by purchasing Women Produced coffees from our partners in the Congo, Fair Trade Certified, Rainforest Alliance, or Bird Friendly coffees, we ensure that our purchasing power goes where our hearts are.

Roasting Coffee Beans

From here, we spend time in the roastery where we experiment with each new coffee. We roast it several ways, then: cupping, tasting, smelling, and sharing with our friends to make sure we’ve got the best possible balance of flavor complexity and sweetness. When we’re confident we’ve got the best product we possibly can, we proudly offer it to you.

Besides the excellent single-origin coffees we offer, we also roast several blends. These we have created for those looking for something more traditional and to be solid “daily drinkers.” We bring our ethos in sourcing to these coffees as well. Buying sustainable, specialty grade coffees from farmers worth supporting. Rather than focusing on any one note singing out from the coffee, we mix several green coffees that exhibit complementary characteristics to one another and roast them until they find a balance between flavor, body, acidity, and sweetness that our guests have agreed tastes consistently wonderful. So much so that they’ve voted us Best of Southern Utah seven years straight and last year, Best of State! Whether in our full-bodied and smooth French Roast, our sweet and vibrant Espresso Blend, or the well rounded medium roasted Central American “Corazon Blend,” we have something for everyone’s tastes.

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Roasting Coffee Beans
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