We are excited to announce that after some delay our brand new Diedrich DR-25
roaster is up and RUNNING! This roaster represents a giant leap in production capacity for the
roastery. To put it into perspective, we have been roasting between 1000-1500+ lbs a week on
3k (5lb) roaster. This new roaster has a capacity of 25k (55lb). That is a tenfold increase of
roasting capacity.

Although we will be roasting significantly larger batches of coffee we made sure before
investing in the new roaster that we could still deliver a handcrafted product that would be able
to meet our strict quality standards. The Diedrich comes with the capability to integrate our
current roast profiling software into its systems while also coming with an advanced algorithm
led system that acts as safeguard to ensure each roast is exactly how we want it to be. So, we
can now roast bigger batches at the same craft quality and (as many of you have noticed) the
new larger roaster’s better airflow has brought about a cleaner “brightness” to the espresso we
weren’t able to achieve on our smaller one!

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